European Roadshows

  • Join us at one of six locations around Europe and the Middle East for a series of new and interactive talks by ETC product specialists. Specifically aimed at the entertainment and broadcast markets, these informative two-day events will be open for visitors to attend from September to December 2022 (look out for further information coming soon). Visitors are welcome to attend either day or specific sessions – day one will host a selection of entertainment focused talks and day two will present sessions that are aimed at the broadcast market. Find out more information about the talks and register your interest to attend below. 


    Day 1: Entertainment

    The Balance of Power

    Moving to LED isn’t just about buying new fixtures. This session looks at the things to consider when plugging in your new LED fixtures, and why thinking about your power control infrastructure now could just help to save your show.

    ETC Ellipsoidals - An Array of Profiles

    A closer look at ETC’s family of spotlights – what they have in common, and what makes them unique; as well as which locations in a venue benefit most from moving to LED, and which focus positions can be value engineered without compromising on quality.



    The Art of Lighting the Audience

    Why bother making the auditorium look good? Everyone’s there for the show right? But what if they hate the venue, will they hate the show too? The Art of Lighting the Audience focuses on the commercial and artistic arguments for spending time and effort in getting your auditorium lighting scheme right.

    Power-Entertainment with Eos

    The Eos family of consoles are industry leaders in the way they have empowered and enabled designers and programmers to control light by allowing for unlimited creativity as well as high-level data management and processing power. This session focusses on the tools that enhance your workflow and allow you to get the most out of your Eos console.


    Day 2: Broadcast

    Power-Broadcast with Eos

    This session will dispel the myth that Eos is a console for theatrical applications only. Making use of the powerful Color Tools as well as Magic Sheets and Augment3d, Eos will streamline the workflow in any studio and offer a level of power and control that is unmatched and unrivalled.

    Mix What You Want

    The choices you make when selecting which gels to use for the lights in your studio are important to you. The choice of the LED array in your lights is just as important. LED lighting has moved beyond trying to emulate tungsten or daylight - it is now so much more. It is about nuance, precision and control. It is about putting the power of color choice, light quality and spectral content back in the hands of the lighting director. This session highlights the advantages of using multi-emitter sources over the conventional RGBW array.

    Fixture Perfect - X8 for camera

    An exploration of ETC’s fixture range that was designed specifically for use on camera. Panels, Fresnels and hard-edged profile lights all share the same technology stack and matching arrays with industry leading color technology, and this session examines the features that make this offering unique.

    SolaPix on Sky TV Greece

    A case study of High End Systems SolaPix fixtures showcased on Sky TV, one of the main TV channels in Greece.


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