Satellite Banner Hoists


Durable and smart hanging solution

High-impact images are well-placed and remembered. Compact Vortek Satellite Banner hoists are perfect for your retail environment, house of worship, convention facility, or other venues where you need to easily reach and control changing products in typically hard-to-access areas. Using the convenient wireless hand-held remote controller, you save time and avoid clumsy ladder equipment.  


  • Electromechanical primary & secondary brakes rated at a minimum of 150% of full load
  • Utilizes Vortek's positively guided zero fleet angle technology
  • Lifts up to 150 lb
  • 2 lift lines available
  • Speed is 0-18 ft/min with standard travel of 60 ft
  • Standard underhung horizontally units; special mounting optional
  • Wireless remote control standard, alternate control systems optional