Prodigy P75

P2-300/600/900 Map
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Prodigy P75 Hoist

With over 75 feet of vertical travel, up to 3,300 pounds of lifting capacity, and quarter-inch wire rope, the P75 hoist is ideal for large theater and performance venues, schools, and houses of worship that demand more from their rigging system. Low-noise operation, a compact powerhead (100.5" long), and flexible mounting options mean the P75 is powerful enough to be placed almost anywhere - even front of house.

Hit your mark every time. P75's built-in absolute positioning ensures accurate and consistent movements, while load cell technology makes sure your hoist only lifts weight that it is engineered to handle. Load cell technology provides real time feedback so you can keep track of your lift limits before they are exceeded, and also allows for load profiling which senses line load changes and alerts you when they fall outside of your predetermined load limits. All in all, P75 gives you real time data for precise and controlled batten movements.

SoftLift™ technology.Just like the EXO Prodigy Hoists, P75 fixed-speed models have the option of ETC SoftLift technology, which augments stop/start transitions while lifting or lowering heavy scenic elements, such as acoustic shells. Batten travel speeds ramp up as they begin to move and slow down as they come to a stop; perfect for effortlessly smooth scene transitions without the extra expense of a variable-speed system.

P75 is both easy to install and operate, and it integrates well with all ETC Rigging™ control systems, such as QuickTouch®, QuickTouch+®, and Foundation® controllers.

Product Features

  • 75 feet of vertical travel with up to eight quarter-inch lift lines
  • Fixed- and variable-speed models are available
  • Lift lines can exit the Powerhead at both ends of the hoist
  • Heavy lift capability (up to 3,300 lbs)
  • SoftLift™ option available for fixed-speed models
  • Slack-line detection
  • Positioning encoder
  • Load cell with load profiling (intelligent load monitoring)
  • Four hard limits
  • Multiple mounting/rigging options
  • Available in 208V and 480V versions (variable speed 480V only)
  • Hard wired E-stop and dead-man circuits
  • Built-in limit switches and encoders with visual setting indicators for easier and more efficient installation
  • Built to PLASA/ANSI E1.6-1 standards
  • UL Listed