MCX Node

MCX Node Front
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Build larger rigging systems

The MCX Node is ideal for those looking to build a rigging system larger than the Foundation ® controller's current 48-axis limit, such as TV studios or large performance venues. An Ethernet-based accessory for Foundation controllers, it expands the controller's functionality up to 96 axes of control while maintaining the integrity of dedicated hard-wired dead-man and E-stop safety circuits. The MCX Node also has an easy-to-use interface for IP configuration and basic diagnostic information. The Node uses the same topology as all preexisting Foundation, QuickTouch ® and QuickTouch+ ® control systems.

The MCX Node is a rack-mountable device that supports 48 axes of control. When combined with a 1RU rack-mount kit, up to 2 MCX Nodes can be installed, totaling 96 axes of control.