FDX Dimming

  • Digital dimming for DMX or Ethernet systems.

    FDX is a digital dimmer processor that controls up to 96 dimmer modules.

  • Trusted performance

    FDX3000 makes your lighting system ready for the future. Modern venues are embracing hybrid lighting and taking advantage of a wide range of loads, from tungsten-halogen and moving lights, to LEDs and other emerging technologies. Those venues need a reliable power control system that can handle each load safely and effectively. With new features and enhancements combined with the dependable performance of the classic FDX family, the FDX3000 system can work  with all lighting desks and is able to take on every installation and load – now and into the future.

    Powerful networking

    ETC’s CEM3 (Control Electronics Module 3) is the high performance platform for the FDX3000 power control system that makes setting up a power control rack or running your system a breeze. CEM3 offers ultra smooth 16 bit dimming resolution and peace of mind, thanks to its line disturbance immunity from voltage and frequency fluctuations. No system is too large for FDX3000, with its support for up to six sources across eight universes and feedback to unlimited remote devices. 

    Dimming and switching in one module

    Now future-proofing can happen circuitby-circuit, thanks to the DP90S module. Whether at the dimmer rack, lighting desk, computer or at the outlet with a mobile device, users can freely change between dimming, switching and direct power, for support of a wide variety  of loads that may be connected. This module – combined with the control features of CEM3 (Control Electronics Module 3) – sets the gold standard for smooth dimming, with superior performance on fast-acting loads like LEDs and VIP90 here eight-bit control isn’t smooth enough to remove the ‘stepiness’ typically seen at low lighting levels.

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