FDX Dimming

  • Step into the future

    The FDX3000 power control system combines the best of ETC and Transtechnik's market leading technology. It brings together proven German engineering for the dimmer rack, cooling system and power stage, and provides the highest degree of smooth dimming and fast changeover.

  • The CEM3 (Control Electronics Module 3) delivers the smoothest 16-bit dimming resolution to the FDX3000 system. Its line-disturbance immunity ensures your system operates smoothly, without voltage and frequency fluctuations. With CEM3 - which supports up to six sources across eight universes - the FDX3000 system can handle even the largest lighting system.

    Remote capabilities from anywhere in your facility.  

    FDX3000 gives you remote access to an entire lighting system, with comprehensive monitoring, including real-time status of intelligent fixtures, network devices, Net3 Gateways and much more. Combining it with Net3 Concert software gives you all the tools necessary to set up, monitor and maintain a lighting system, with a user-friendly interface that can automatically display new equipment in a system.

    Future-proofed lighting system.  

    The FDX3000 power control system lets you take advantage of new innovations in lighting. You're free to add LEDs, intelligent fixtures and other emerging technologies to your system, without worrying about circuitry problems or a complicated setup process. The DP90S ThruPower module provides circuit-by-circuit power control, with the ability to change between dimming, switching and direct power, so you can control any load. Together with the CEM3 control platform, it sets the standard for smooth dimming, with superior performance on fast-acting loads like LEDs and VIP90, where eight-bit control isn't smooth enough to remove the 'steppiness' that occurs in some fixtures at low lighting levels.

    The FDX3000 system also integrates seamlessly with Eos, Cobalt, Congo, NT and NTX console families, giving you immediate access to the status of your system and circuits. You can see live updates via Ethernet of line-voltage per phase circuit level, presence of load, breaker trip, which source is in control of each circuit and remote management of all circuits. Using FDX3000 with an ETC console also lets you switch between dimmable and non-dim operation.

    FDX3000 racks were designed for easy maintenance and durability. Its German-designed 19-inch swing-hinged frame gives you safe access to power and data wiring. And, the FDX3000 racks use spring terminal clamps, so your maintenance schedule will no longer include annual load-lug tightening.

    Product Features
    • 19-inch steel frame with side walls and rear wall
    • Sub-rack with output stages and dimmer processors mounted on swing frame; individual plug-in dimmers and processors can be replaced easily
    • Maximum of 2 CEM3 processors (redundancy) and 96 dimmers 2.5kVA (72 with RCBO), or 48 dimmers 5kVA, or 24 dimmers 10kVA, or mixed on request
    • Approximately 3kVA when all circuits are at full
    • 16 bit-control for smooth continuous fades on fast-acting loads
    • 10 standard curves; non-dim; custom curves; independently set per circuit
    • IP10 rating; complies with EN 60 950 and EN6100
    • Low-noise rack operates at less than 55dBA at a distance of 1m
    • 3 x 230/400V, N, PE, 50/60Hz 3 x 240A (calculated at 70% diversity factor, 100% loading possible)
    • 16-120 mm2 power input lugs (2 x 16-120mm2 or 95-250mm2 by request)
    • Group fuse per subrack 3 x fused 63A
    • Branch breaker per circuit: C13A for 2.5kVA, C25A for 5kVA, C50A for 10kVA
    • 30mA RCD (residual current protection) per sub-rack by request (RCBO possible)
    • Top and bottom cable-entry feed (bottom standard)
    • Spring-loaded terminals 4mm2 for 2.5kVA, 10mm2 for 5kVA, 16mm2 for 10kVA

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