FDX Dimming

  • Circuit-by-circuit power control for all lighting loads

    The DP90S ThruPower module gives you the ability to add new lighting fixtures - incandescents, LEDs, moving lights and more - without worrying about circuitry. It has three output options - dimming, switching, or direct power - to control any lighting load.

    There is virtually no minimum load for the DP90S module, so even a single LED or fluorescent fixture can be dimmed. The DP90S module is plug-in compatible with all standard DP90 modules, so a single circuit or entire existing FDX system can be upgraded to receive the latest future proofing benefits. A plug-in upgrade kit for existing systems also allows processor upgrades to CEM3, so the same smooth fades and remote system management found in FDX3000 can be brought into FDX systems of any age.

    Product Features
    • Modular plug-in assemblies
    • Three operational modes: phase-angle dimming for tungsten-halogen and magnetic-transformer loads; switching for electronic ballasts; always-on for direct power output
    • 2.5kVA/tungsten load, 2.5kW 1.25kVA inductive load or 5kVA /tungsten load, 5kW 2.5kVA inductive load
    • 220µS rise time (optional 600µS to comply with BBC and TDF standards)
    • 2.5kVA switching capacity or 5kVA on the DP90S 5.0kW only
    • Greater than 98% efficiency at 100% nominal load, greater than 94% at 20% nominal load
    • 16 bit-control for smooth continuous fades on fast-acting loads
    • 10 standard curves; non-dim; custom curves; independently set per circuit

  • DP90S ThruPower module