FDX Dimming

  • Ultra-smooth dimming… with peace of mind

    The CEM3 (Control Electronic Module 3) platform serves as a system-management dashboard for each operator of an FDX3000 system, anywhere in your facility. With support for up to six sources across eight universes, CEM3 provides feedback to unlimited remote devices. It also simplifies the setup of a power control rack and runs your system smoothly.

    CEM3 offers ultra-smooth 16-bit dimming resolution, as well as line-disturbance immunity, so your system is protected from voltage and frequency fluctuations. Its any-phase power supply allows the controller to continue running when one or two of its three phases is lost.

    Product Features
    • 16 bit-control for smooth continuous fades on fast-acting loads
    • 10 standard curves; non-dim; custom curves; independently set per circuit
    • Supports DMX512A (ANSI E1.11-2008), sACN (streaming ACN, ANSI E1.31), and Net3 (ACN ANSI E1.17) protocols
    • Up to 16 presets per space; racks can be split into multiple spaces
    • Up to eight universes can be patched, with six sources per universe
    • Each circuit can be addressed to any streaming ACN address across a maximum of four universes within a single rack
    • 12 Ethernet-based sources simultaneously at the same priority
    • Three data-loss options: wait and fade out, fade to preset or hold last look
    • Maximum output voltage can be set from 100V to 265V
    • User interface has a graphical backlit display, two DMX input ports (highest takes precedence), a front USB port for saving configuration data or firmware updates and a temperature sensor
    • German, English, Spanish or French language settings, with support for language file upload
    • Circuit monitoring for feedback of set/actual value state to ETC consoles

  • CEM3 processor