DRd Power Control

  • ETC’s Unison DRd series enclosures are workhorses behind the scenes, with higher power density than other dimming systems and a variety of dimming, switching, and special-application modules. Integrated with ETC’s Unison Paradigm and Echo systems, the DRd supports all fixture types – LEDs, incandescent, fluorescents, emergency – and all dimming methods, including: 0-10V; DALI; forward- and reverse-phase; as well as two- and four-wire fluorescent ballasts. The Unison DRd is future-proofed with modular dimming, control, and station support so you can easily adapt to whatever comes next.

    Powerful peace of mind 

    We ensure that your system stays reliable, even when the power goes out. The DRd is UL 924 Listed, providing uninterrupted service and load shedding should an emergency occur. Optional RideThru technology keep processors energized for up to 10 seconds, while power is transferred to an emergency source. For additional security, an optional Battery Pack module keeps your system processor functional for up to 90 minutes following a power disruption, so your system is ready to respond as soon as power returns.

  • Echo DRD blank open