DRd Power Control

  • Unison Modules are available in voltages for every need: 120V, 230V, 240V, and 277V. Designed specifically for use in Unison DRd Series enclosures, these modules are heavy-duty, high-grade commercial hardware. Each module uses fully-rated magnetic breakers for continuous duty at the modules rated capacity.

    Dimmer Modules

    For more than 25 years, ETC dimmer modules have been the rock-solid core of ETC power systems. They just keep working, and working, and working. Dimmer Modules handle incandescent, magnetic low-voltage, two-wire fluorescent – even neon and cold-cathode loads on a module-by-module basis.

    Sensor3 Dimmer Modules

    PhaseAdept Modules

    PhaseAdept LED-series modules provide high-quality dimming for non-magnetic LED fixtures and replacement lamps. They are compatible with any Unison dimming enclosure including current DRd and legacy DR enclosures. The ability to seamlessly install the module in legacy ETC systems gives you the ability to update your fixtures or lamps without having to change your entire power infrastructure.

    PhaseAdept Modules

    Electronic Low Voltage Modules

    Electronic Low Voltage Modules provide forward- or reverse-phase dimming for non-magnetic low-wattage loads. With excellent dimming across a wide variety of fixture types, the ELV10AF is perfect for architectural applications like LED fixtures, wall sconces, lobby lighting, house lights, work lights, and more. Compatible with Sensor 3 and Sensor+ models.

    Electronic Low Voltage Modules

    Relay Modules

    True air-gap relay modules ensure that switched power is just that – switched on or off. Relay modules are the perfect choice for moving light or LED circuits which will never need dimming. ETC’s relay modules support any switch load, including motor loads.

    Sensor3 Relay Modules

    Constant Circuit Modules

    Sometimes you just need power. With constant circuit modules, if the panel is energized, the circuit has power – period.

    Constant Circuit Module