Master Phase Loss Detector 2

Master Phase Loss Detector 2

The Master Phase Loss Detector 2 (MLPD2) is the next phase of emergency detection and control bypass. With extensive, customizable input and output configurations, the Master Phase Loss Detector 2 can detect an emergency situation from a multitude of triggers and send multiple control bypass output commands simultaneously.

The MLPD2 contains 16 slots, and each slot can be filled by an input or output card. The only requirement for each Master Phase Loss Detector is that there be at least one input card, and one output card. The rest of the configuration is up to you.

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The Illuminating Engineering Society has selected Master Phase Loss Detector 2 to be a part of its 2020 Progress Report based on the product’s “uniqueness, innovation, and significance to the lighting industry.”

Master Phase Loss Detector 2

Standard configurations include 1 input card/1 output card, 1 input card/4 output cards, 2 input cards /8 output cards, 4 input cards/12 output cards – but custom configurations can be purchased as well. Need to make changes to the product after it has shipped? No problem! This product can have cards added in the field to adapt to changing site requirements.

Users can customize the MPLD2 on the job site and it retains its UL 924 rating.

Each input card for the Master Phase Loss Detector 2 has space for two dry contact inputs, such as fire alarm inputs or “Panic Button” inputs. Adding more cards gives you the ability to accept more emergency detection inputs, up to 30 per unit. Additionally, each Master Phase Loss Detector has a single dedicated sense feed input, separate from any cards.

Each output card has four contact closures, for a maximum of 60 outputs per MPLD2. All outputs are activated simultaneously, so if any input on the MPLD2 is triggered, all outputs are triggered.

Despite all the customization possible during install, the user interface is simple, clearly indicating system status.

Master Phase Loss Detector 2

The MPLD2 is compatible with ETC UL 924 Listed power control products such as Sensor, DRd, Sensor IQ, Echo power enclosures, Echo Room Controllers, and Foundry Mini Panels, as well as the DMX Emergency Bypass Controller.

Product Features

  • UL 924 Listed
  • Field-modifiable
  • 16 slots for input and output cards
  • Standard variations are
    • 1 input card / 1 output card
    • 1 input card / 4 output cards
    • 2 input cards / 8 output cards
    • 4 input cards / 12 output cards
  • Fully customizable with up to 15 input cards/1 output card (30 inputs/4 outputs) or 1 input card/15 output cards (2 inputs/60 outputs).