Distributed Dimming

  • Silent power control for fixtures up to 750W

    Lighting professionals around the globe have relied on ETC's dimming and power-control expertise for years. Now you can have noiseless, Sensor®-quality power control right at the fixture. The convection-cooled ES750 dimmer comes with a plug that allows it to attach to any fixture up to 750W for onboard distributed power control. It comes equipped with a power input and output to a connector of your choice, and can serve as a remote dimmer for any application.

  • Power control that won't drown out the applause

    During a performance, the audience should hear the talent on stage, not the hum of the lighting fixtures. That's why the ES750 was designed with ETC's advanced Electronic Silent (ES) power-control technology for completely noise-free operation. Working without fans or filament buzz, the dimmer produces noise levels of 0dBA at one meter, making it the perfect power-control solution for acoustically sensitive venues. You can outfit your entire rig with ES750 dimmers without interrupting the sound on stage.

    Meet today's changing power-control requirements

    'Going green' doesn't have to mean abandoning the quality of light. Attaching an ES750 dimmer to your fixtures brings your rig the brightness and quality of light that only tungsten can provide, while working seamlessly alongside your LED luminaires. Run both fixture types at the same time by sending simple switched power to all of your lighting positions. Control ES750 dimmers, LEDs and moving lights with your existing data network. The ES750 features onboard controls for local operation and RDM for remote setup. It also offers the ability to set DMX addresses, change curves and receive status information. With the ES750 dimmer, your venue is more flexible, with an infrastructure that can adapt to new requirements and layouts.


    Product Features
    • Fixture-mounted dimmer
    • Stand-alone operation
    • ES750 Dimmer includes onboard plug
    • Convection-cooled, no fans
    • ES technology provides noise-free operation
    • Built-in dimming curves
    • DMX/RDM in and thru

  • ES750 Dimmer fam

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