• Road-ready, budget-friendly dimming

    The SmartPack Touring System is a small, flexible touring rack with incredible reliability and performance.

  • Hit the road, Pack!  The SmartPack Touring System is a small flexible touring rack with incredible reliability and performance. This compact unit is the perfect piece of gear for anything from weekend gigs to regional festivals and small touring productions. The rack has built-in mains distribution - all complete in one box - and, like the other SmartPacks, is one of the most lightweight and portable systems made. The rugged SmartPack Touring System allows you to choose your pack style: 10A or 20A, and your choice of outputs. This economical system provides you with everything you need for a simple show - power distribution, including convenient outlets, as well as all the standard SmartPack features - including pack-to-pack communication which synchronizes presets and built-in sequences.  

    Product Features
    • 2- or 4-pack design with choice of outputs
    • Built-to-travel roadcase with 360º swivel casters
    • Cam-Lok® E1016 Series power input
    • Circuit-breaker power distribution per pack
    • Selectable single-phase/three-phase operation
    • Optional main breaker and Cam-Lok Feed Thru
    • ¾-length rack slides for easy servicing/removal

  • SmartPack tour clip

    SmartPack Tour CE