• Lighting … on a budget

    SmartPack installation packs are compact, wall-mount units that accommodate venues of any size or budget.

  • SmartPack Wall-Mount  

    SmartPack® Wall-Mount is perfect for small venues and compact spaces that need high-quality, permanent power-control at a small price. Available with either 6-2,400-watt (4.6kW, six 3.2kW) dimmers or 12- 1,200-watt (2.3kW) dimmers, Wall-Mount is the simple-to-use lighting-control solution for community theaters, small broadcast studios, dance clubs, and school and house-of-worship auditoriums. If you prefer to install SmartPack Wall-Mount into an existing equipment rack, ETC offers an optional rack-mount conversion kit with convenient mounting rails.  

    SmartPack Wall-Mount with ThruPower  

    For small-scale venues that want the flexibility of a hybrid rig, SmartPack Wall-Mount with ThruPower™ includes a handy switch that gives you 3 output options on each of its 12 branch circuits - dimmed, relay or hot power - to effortlessly control your incandescent lights, LEDs and other fixture types. 

    When set to dimmed mode, SmartPack ThruPower delivers smooth fades for conventional fixtures. Switching to the 'On' mode overrides all incoming control to bring you hot output. This mode locks the relay on and prevents a board operator from accidentally shutting off equipment that requires constant power, so you know that your LEDs will stay on during a performance. And the relay mode bypasses dimming and electronics by using the patched DMX address to turn on and off the air-gap relay.

    All SmartPack installation packs

    Both versions of the low-maintenance and easy-to-use SmartPack Wall-Mount can be installed directly, without any other parts, anywhere you have free space.

    Product Features
    • Compact wall-mount unit
    • Easy-to-install connections
    • Optional rack-mount conversion kit with convenient mounting rails
    • 32 built-in presets and sequencer for stand-alone operation
    • SmartPack Wall-Mount with ThruPower version has capabilities for dimmed, switched or hot power output
    • Fully-rated all-magnetic circuit breakers
    • Capable of dimming multiple load types
    • DMX512-A and RDM compatible (UL)
    • Supports 5- and 10-button SmartLink® Stations and TimeClock (UL)

  • SmartPack Wall Mount clip