Matrix MkII Touring Racks

Matrix MkII Touring Racks

IES technology in a rack ready to hit the road

ETC's acclaimed IES Matrix MkII technology is available in a touring rack format. The six-, nine-, and 12-module Matrix MkII Touring Racks offer up to 72 channels of 3kW SCR, 48 channels of SineWave 3kW dimming, or a combination of both. 5kW and 12kW modules can be installed, as well.

The touring rack includes all the advanced dimmer monitoring and setup features expected in a high specification system.  

Product Features

  • Six-, nine- and 12-module racks standard
  • Choose from all available Matrix modules
  • Choose between St17 and GST18 hot-patch system
  • Choose between Powerlock and CE17 input PSU
  • Socapex- and Harting-type and single-socket outputs
  • Rugged flightcase design
  • Ethernet or DMX control