Digital dimming for DMX or Ethernet Systems  

When you choose the FDX2000 dimmer processor from ETC, you choose a powerful alternative to traditional dimmer systems. Major components of your lighting control system, such as the main or auxiliary console, can be connected to one or more FDX2000 units via Ethernet. There is no need to upgrade with Ethernet interfaces, because each FDX2000 comes with one as standard, making it the ideal solution for studios and theatres already equipped with an Ethernet infrastructure of twisted-pair cables. Additional cabling expense is thus eliminated.   

Product Features 

  • Digital dimmer processor for controlling up to 96 dimmer modules 
  • Processes DMX, Ethernet and twelve analog input signals by default 
  • Real-time operating system for immediate control of dimmer modules 
  • Compatible with the FDX90 dimmer processor 
  • Storage capacity for 24 auxiliary groups 
  • Compatible with FDX90 dimmer racks 
  • 8 or 16 bit control 
  • Per-dimmer patch possible 
  • 24 auxilary presets