Net3 Remote Video Interface 3 RVI3

This legacy Eos Family product is no longer shipping and has been replaced by the Eos Remote Interface.

Remote video and local programming for Eos and Cobalt-family control systems

The Net3 RVI3 is a rack-mountable device designed to offer remote video and local programming functions for Eos® and Cobalt®-family control systems. Used with Eos Ti®, Eos, Gio®, Cobalt 20 and Cobalt 10 systems, the RVI3 supports up to three Windows 7-compatible external monitors that can be single- or multi-touch.

The front of the RVI3 has a single power switch, a USB port and 20 buttons for frequently-used functions. These buttons have default mapping specific to the Eos or Cobalt product lines, reflecting features commonly used by designers and ALDs. Eos family products provide the ability to easily reprogram these keys for individual requirements.

Net3 Remote Video Interface 3 RVI3
Net3 Remote Video Interface 3 RVI3

You can use Eos/Cobalt-style keyboard shortcuts to access remote programming capabilities from a connected alpha-numeric keyboard and/or pointing device. When using the RVI3 with an Eos system, X-Keys, Net3 RFRs (Radio Focus Remotes), Universal Fader Wings , and the Eos Programming Wing can be attached via USB for additional control. When using the RVI3 with a Cobalt-family system, the RFR, Universal Fader Wings, Cobalt Programming Wing and Cobalt Motorized Fader Wing are supported.

The RVI3 can be used with Ion®, Element™, Congo Kid® and Congo® jr desks, but it supports only two displays with these systems.

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