Hog 2PC

  • High End Systems - Legacy Product

  • The Hog 2PC software is complete. No further development or bug fixes are planned. Library creation by Flying Pig Systems and High End Systems is also complete as of July 1, 2007. The complete catalog of library files made over the history of the Wholehog 2 is now available for download from this page. In addition, resouces for assisting in user created library files are available.

    Installing any version of Hog4PC or installing Hog3PC v3.2.3 or greater will install new High End Systems device drivers on your computer that breaks Hog2PC compatibility with all Flying Pig Systems USB devices such as widgets and wings. If you wish to continue running Hog2PC with Flying Pig Systems hardware devices on your Windows machine you should not install Hog3PC v3.2.3 or greater. If you have already installed Hog3PC v3.2.3 or greater then uninstalling Hog3PC will restore hardware compatibility with Hog2PC.

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