Eos Console

This legacy Eos Family product is no longer shipping and has been replaced by Eos Apex


ETC's acclaimed Eos lighting console provides simple, approachable control in a nuanced programming environment, with unmatched depth and power. You'll be stunned by how easy - and fast - moving-light control can be. And you don't have to sacrifice what you need for conventional control to get it.

Eos Console

Eos Console


We started with a white board and no assumptions. We talked to designers, programmers and electricians. We designed a product that is familiar, comfortable and simultaneously forward looking, with common problems solved in ingenious ways. We looked for intuitive solutions while reducing keystrokes. Our rich fixture library means palettes can be constructed quickly - automatically or manually. The command line is fully integrated with direct selects, allowing you to work seamlessly from the keypad and the touchscreen controls.  


Considerable thought was put into the common problems of programming - and Eos introduced new approaches to solving those problems. A revolutionary referenced marking function takes the agony out of presetting your lights. Data is organized in layers, so what you need most quickly is immediately available, but all supporting information (discrete timing, absolute data, source of current data) is easily and quickly found. We don't bury necessary features under layers either. What you need is right within reach.

Each device on the system has a discrete workspace: designers no longer have to sacrifice their needs for those of programmers. Partitioned control provides a safe and effective method for multiple programmers to build content into a show file.

Designers, programmers and electricians must work across venue types with equal ease, and your desk must too. Eos - Complete Control - from ETC.

System Compatibility  

Please note that older, Windows XP-based Eos Classic consoles are unable to run Eos v3.0 and above. Please download the latest version of Eos v2.9 when using these consoles in your system.  

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