Eos Remote Processor Unit

This legacy Eos Family product is no longer shipping and has been replaced by the Eos Apex Processor.

ETC's Eos® RPU3 can provide primary and backup control in Ti™, Eos, Gio® and Gio @5 control systems, or it can be used as a stand-alone lighting playback unit. A 2U device, it can be mounted into 19" equipment racks or road cases.

The front of the RPU3 includes a power switch, USB port and 20 user-programmable buttons with backlit labels for frequently used functions. The buttons have default mapping, including Live, Blind, Go, Stop/Back and paging controls, and can be reprogrammed for your system's individual requirements.

There are 3 Display port connectors on the RPU3, which works with single- or multi-touch displays. The RPU3 comes with two individually-configured, power-sourcing network ports, and there are six USB ports on the back panel. It has local I/O, including two DMX ports, MIDI In/Out, and a remote trigger.

The Eos RPU3 is available with 4,096 or 24,576 outputs.

The RPU3 supports the iRFR, aRFR, use of all fader wings and the Eos Programming Wing .

*Devices with 3 DVI connectors on the back panel can upgrade to 16,384 outputs.

Eos Remote Processor Unit
Eos Remote Processor Unit

There are six LEDs on the front of the RPU3:

  • Primary: Lit up on the RPU3 configured as primary.
  • Backup: Indicates the RPU3 designated as backup.
  • Client: Illuminated on the client RPU3 that is not directly charged with outputting to the rig, but is a secondary processor to the main and backup processors.
  • Master: When the RPU3 is currently controlling the rig, this LED will be illuminated, and if the RPU3 is configured as the backup and has control, the LED will blink.
  • Tracking: Lit up on all RPU3s when they are synchronized, and blinks if tracking is lost.
  • Expand: Reserved for future functionality.