PC Congo

PC Congo

Take your Congo with you

Using the same graphic displays as ETC's Congo lighting control desk, PC Congo provides an operating environment similar to the console itself. With a built-in Console Mimic dock and a complete set of alphanumeric-keyboard shortcuts for commonly used commands, PC Congo is a useful tool for backup, playback, and managing your show data.

PC Congo is compatible with PCs running Windows® XP or Windows® 7 operating systems and communicates with your lighting rig or visualization program using Ethernet protocols (Net3™/ACN, sACN, ArtNet) directly or through protocol converters like the ETC Net3 DMX/RDM Gateway™, IO Gateway, and Show Control Gateway.

The software program is well suited to playing back show files created on Congo family consoles or serving as a backup to Congo-family control systems. Conventional shows or small moving light shows can be programmed using the software and played back seamlessly from the PC.

PC Congo is compatible with remote-control devices like the ETC RFR and aRFR/iRFR applications for iOS and Android devices. In addition, other accessories like the Congo jr™ Master Playback Wing and Universal Wings can be used. PC Congo also provides connectivity with third-party MIDI button/fader panels, and programmable USB keyboards like the X-Keys products described below.

About X-Keys panels from PI Engineering (

Confused by all the keyboard shortcuts rolling around in your brain? ETC recommends the use of PI Engineering's X-Keys® panel with Congo Offline Editor. X-Keys is a panel of user-definable keys. We have provided a file that defines the X-Keys Professional 60-key panel with the Congo hot key shortcuts most used in offline programming and editing. The X-Keys Professional 60-key panel is very similar to the layout of the Congo keypad, so frequently used functions appear in relative positions between the actual control desk and the PC version. Download the macro definition file and a PDF of key labels in the software section for Congo.

Software Features 

  • Graphical displays with built-in context menus and drag-and-drop show editing 
  • Console Mimic dock provides access to Congo console buttons and faders on screen 
  • Channel Layouts for topographical live displays 
  • Color Picker/Gel Picker 
  • Client/server networking and synchronized backup 
  • Electronic manual Up to 3072 devices/channels and 2048 outputs/parameters 
  • Up to 3072 devices/channels and 2048 outputs/parameters 
  • Ethernet lighting protocols (Net3™/ACN, sACN, , ArtNet) 
  • Show import via ASCII 
  • USB dongle required for full-speed output 
  • Compatible with
    • Ethernet lighting protocol converters like ETC Net3 DMX/RDM Gateways, Net3 IO Gateways, Net3 Show Control Gateways 
    • Remote controls over Ethernet (Net3 RFR), WiFi (iRFR/aRFR apps for iOS and Android), MIDI and OSC 
    • ETC Fader Wings (Congo jr Master Playback Wing, Universal Fader Wings)