Time to Play

For 30 years ETC has been known for revolutionary lighting control design. For 30 years Avab products have been known for a spirit of bold innovation. Now those great minds have met, in Congo. Melding together the engineering brilliance and experience of ETC and Avab systems, Congo maintains the simplicity of classic systems with the feature-rich functionality of a dedicated moving lights console. Clean functions for everyday theater work with conventional lights, plus advanced control of hundreds of moving lights, without mouse operations or computer menus. Like today's sophisticated but deadline-driven productions, Congo is high energy -- with short commands for fast results.


Simple. Intuitive. Innovative

With Congo, you can move independent channels such as worklights, conductor lights, followspot and smoke machine control to a special section that isn't affected by the rest of the system. You have somewhere to put your screens without blocking your view of the stage. You see the important information, at any time, on the screens or in the console displays. And you can even have remote control of your rig with your own cordless phone. Simple, intuitive and innovative lighting control with a big brain for complexity wherever it arises. Congo handles the future without forgetting the past. Congo is designed for theater, broadcast, club systems, concert and special-event lighting. At the  Eurovision Song Contest broadcast in Kyiv, Ukraine, Congo consoles controlled 300+ moving lights, 200+ conventionals and 16 media servers, among other devices. Complete with a theatrical-style main playback fader pair, 80 multipurpose Masters for group, submaster, effect and additional sequence control, 40 Direct Selects and a dedicated moving lights control section, Congo's hardware is suitable for any kind of playback situation.

Software Features 

  • Multiple Formats for all channel views including graphical channel layouts 
  • Channel purpose database with auto groups 
  • Special Jam Mode for busking with moving devices 
  • Direct Channel Mode 
  • Client/server networking & synchronized backup 
  • Electronic manual