Cobalt 20

  • S P E C I F I C A T I O N S

    • 16,384 Outputs/parameters
    • 5,000 Control Channels
    • 9,999,999 Presets
    • 4 x 999 Palettes (Focus, Color, Beam, All)
    • 999 Groups
    • 999 Macros
    • 999 Sequences
    • 999 Master Pages
    • 99 Effect Playbacks
    • Supports three external DisplayPort monitors starting at 1280x1024 resolution with optional touchscreen control
    • Solid-State Hard Disk
    • Seven USB 2.0 ports for USB flashdrive, pointing devices, keyboards

    • Two individually configurable Ethernet ports, 802.3afcompliant PoE
    • ETCNet2, Net3 (powered by ACN), sACN and ArtNet output protocols
    • Two DMX512A/RDM ports
    • Contact closure triggers via D-Sub connector
    • Three female IEC connectors
    • Three video connectors support DisplayPort external displays (1280x1024 minimum resolution) with optional single- or multi-touch screen control
    • USB 2.0 multipurpose (11 ports)
    • Client PC via Ethernet (requires Client Dongle)
    • Net3 Radio Focus Remote (RFR) via USB or Ethernet
    • Phone Remote
    • OSC Open Sound Control via Ethernet
    • UDP event triggering via Ethernet
    • aRFR for Android devices and iRFR for Apple iOS devices via wireless Ethernet
    • MIDI in/out (MIDI timecode, MIDI notes, MIDI Show Control (MSC))
    • MIDI timecode, MIDI Show Control through Net3 Show Control Gateway
    • SMPTE timecode through Net3 Show Control Gateway
    • Contact closure (12 analog inputs, 12 SPDT contact outputs, RS-232) through Net3 I/O Gateway
    • Support for up to 40 additional master playbacks using Cobalt Motorized Fader Wings, Universal Fader Wings or the Congo jr™ Master Playback Wing

    • AC input (100 - 240V at 50/60 Hz)
    • Maximum power consumption (including external monitors) approximately 6.3A 120/240V

      inches mm inches mm inches mm
    Cobalt 20 15.5 393 40.8 1036 26.5 673


      lbs kgs lbs kgs
    Cobalt 20 97 44 132 59.9

    *Weights and dimensions typical. Cobalt 20 is shipped in a carton on a pallet. The shipping weight is the combined weight of the console on the pallet.

    Cobalt 20
    Cobalt 20
    CBLT 20-US Cobalt 20 Console, 4,096 Outputs, US Accessories
    CBLT -LS-US Cobalt Light Server, 4,096 Outputs
    ETCNOMAD Cobalt ETCnomad, 1,024 Outputs
    CBLT 20 MAX Cobalt 20 Console, 16,384 Outputs
    CBLT 20 Up Cobalt 20 Output Upgrade to 16,384 Outputs

    Cobalt 20 and Cobalt 10 are offered as a base console with 5000 control channels and 4,096 outputs (8 universes of DMX512A). A single control channel may control only intensity (dimmers) or it may control a DMX-controlled device (moving light, LED, media server, etc.).

    To increase the capacity of the console to its maximum of 16,384 outputs, order the Cobalt Maximum Output upgrade.

    Two universes are available at the console via 5-Pin XLR and all universes may be distributed via Ethernet-based methods, including Net3 DMX/RDM Gateways, ETCNet2 DMX Nodes and/or ArtNet nodes (purchased separately).

    Cobalt Accessories
    Cobalt MFW20 Cobalt Motorized Fader Wing 20
    Cobalt MFW10 Cobalt Motorized Fader Wing 10
    NET3 RFR ETC Net3 Radio Focus Remote
    NET3-RFR-RX ETC Net3 Radio Focus Remote, receiver only
    ETC Net3 Radio Focus Remote, transmitter only
    CBLT Littlite Cobalt Littlite® Worklights (spare)
    CBLT 20 Flightcase Cobalt Flightcase
    NET3 RVI ETCNet3 Remote Video Interface
    19” LCD 19” Flat-screen display (1280x1024)
    19”LCD-T 19” Touchscreen display
    WMON Wide-format flat-screen display
    WMONTS Wide-format multi-touch display

    Cobalt Offline Editor software for Mac and PC platforms is available for download from 

    • Power cord
    • Dust cover
    • Two Littlite® worklights
    • Mouse and mousepad
    • External alpha-numeric keyboard (US model only)
    • Three male-to-female IEC cables