Power Load Controller (Model ER1C-FLU)

Power Load Controller

The Power Load Controller – F-Series (ER1C-FLU) is a versatile control device that can be used in a large number of applications. As a lighting controller, it provides: on/off lighting, timed light switch, daylight harvesting, photo inhibit, occupancy based or vacancy based lighting control.

Other vertical market applications include: process control and hospitality applications.

The controller activates electrical loads with received input from a linked sensor or switch. The controller acts on transmissions of: 

  • ambient light levels monitored by a wireless photo sensor
  • occupancy/vacancy state monitored by a wireless occupancy sensor
  • switch action from a wireless single or dual paddle wall switch, a wireless key card switch or a wireless door/window switch
  • switch action from a gateway control implementing schedules or other events

The controller can be used in distributed process applications to eliminate troublesome wiring runs using linked wireless electrical switches. A low voltage or line voltage event can be transmitted to the load controller triggering the dry-contact relay connected to any electrical load.

The load controller fits equally as well into hospitality applications. Responding to linked key card switches that monitor suite occupancy, control can be added to lighting or other electrical circuits to disable the loads when the suite is vacant. The controller can also be used to enable and disable air-conditioning equipment based on the occupancy state and/or patio door position.

Other features include telegram repeating and BEMS system integration allowing the controller to be used both in distributed control applications or as a component of a centralized system.

The controller supports radio range confirmation, a feature that allows installers to test signal strength for optimal sensor placement and system integrity. This feature is supported with the Echoflex Resonate and 21-series of sensors.

Echoflex offers three methods of configuring the controller:

  • 1.Use the linked sensors and Simple Tap to make quick changes to individual controllers.
  • 2.Use Smart Click to access more configuration parameters using a linked switch.
  • 3.To access the full menu of configuration parameters, Echoflex’s Garibaldi Pro software is a PC based tool that includes hands-free configuring

Product Features

  • Use for controlling lighting or HVAC circuits or any miscellaneous electrical load
  • Occupancy/Vacancy based lighting controls with autoON/OFF or manual ON, auto-OFF using wireless occupancy sensors
  • Daylight harvesting and photo-inhibit modes
  • Monitors linked battery-free wall, key card and proximity (reed) switches, photo sensors and occupancy sensors
  • Range Confirmation (patent pending) allows optimal placement of linked sensors - (Resonate and 21 series sensors only)
  • Central Command support for BEMS gateway control
  • Supports commissioning via Smart Click, Simple Tap or Garibaldi (remote management) software
  • Assign up to 20 battery-free wireless wall switches or sensors to one controller
  • Reliable radio reception range of 24 m (80 ft) in most common indoor applications
  • Low-cost alternative to running wires and conduit - ideal for retrofit projects
  • Easy installation on electrical junction boxes with 1/2 ” mounting nipple
  • Doubles as a telegram repeater
  • CEC - Title 24 Compliant