Fixture Dimming Controller

Fixture Dimming Controller

Retrofit or new construction, commercial office space or school rooms, single ballast or dimming ballast; the Echoflex slim line ballast controller is a versatile solution for all these applications and more. The In-fixture Dimming Controller is a component of Echoflex's Smart Space solutions that deliver facilities energy savings through integrated and distributed control. Using EnOcean wireless technology to communicate with battery-free wireless photo sensors, occupancy sensors, and wall switches, the slim line controller can be quickly installed with little disruption and no extra wiring runs.

Installing the slim line controller can be performed in under an hour making it one of the most affordable solutions for retrofitting existing luminaries. Installation of a controller within the ballast eliminates accessing the lighting circuits in the plenum or ceiling areas. The slim line controller has a 0-10 volt dimming output for direct connection to dimming ballasts and the onboard relay switches lighting circuits with occupancy detection or switch action.

Use the slim line controller for staged lighting during periods of low occupancy or to comply with demand response commands. With embedded remote management technology, installers or facility operators can easily make changes to the system without tools reducing service call-backs and maintenance expense.

Start taking control of your facilities energy by addressing wastage with unnecessary lighting. With Echoflex slim line controllers and battery-free wireless sensors, the decision to dim or shut lights off becomes dependant upon positive control and not on user intervention.

The new F-series In Ballast Dimming Controller advanced features:

  • range confirmation technology allowing the sensor to display communication quality
  • remote management capabilities
  • central command capabilities to enable functions such as demand response

While retaining:

  • smart click commissioning - using the wall switch to set up configuration
  • simple tap commissioning - using the sensor teach button to set up configuration
  • computer based commissioning - using Echoflex Garibaldi Software
  • assignment of up to 20 devices
  • transmits controller status
  • dual hop signal repeating function