Astronomical TimeClock

Astronomical TimeClock

Green light.

The new SmartLink TimeClock brings low-cost, easy-to-use time-of-day control to ETC Unison®, Sensor®, and SmartPack® dimming, as well as to SmartSwitch™ relay systems.

Green light.  When energy consumption is a concern, SmartLink TimeClock is a smart choice. Meeting ASHRAE-90.1 and Title 24 standards, TimeClock maximizes the energy efficiency of your lighting system.

No external power required.

SmartLink TimeClock connects to the system using the two-wire topology-free LinkConnect  network. No experience required.  Anyone can program the SmartLink TimeClock for set-it-and-forget-it operation. The TimeClock features a large, backlit display and a simple six-button programming interface. Automatically activate lighting presets and sequences using real-time or astronomical events, or turn them on manually via hold or override functions. The TimeClock supports event-recurrence modes like 'everyday,' 'weekday,' 'weekend,' and 'daily.' It also offers fully configurable Daylight Saving Time settings.

Give notice .

The system's built-in FlickWarn feature gives occupants a visual signal that the light settings in their environment are about to change. Designate any preset to quickly turn off and turn back on, based on a timed-event schedule. The SmartLink TimeClock follows the design of other SmartLink stations. The attractive two-gang device has a coordinating overlay and plastic faceplate available in cream, ivory, black, gray, and signal white.