RemoteManager Software

RemoteManager Software

Manage multiple installations remotely  

RemoteManager, a part of the Mosaic software suite, allows a user to managing multiple installations remotely, using the Internet. For example, in the past, managing the lighting installations for a retail chain with multiple locations required a technician to travel to every store to make programming changes. Using RemoteManager and Internet access, a single technician can schedule the system to automatically upload configurations when the stores are closed, and set a time for the new show to play. This substantially reduces the cost and carbon footprint of managing multiple installations. To assure a working system, RemoteManager includes important safety features. For example, if the network connection fails during an upload, RemoteManager will re-establish a connection and resume functioning where it left off. In addition, the software tool can also monitor status, manage media content, and be configured to send email alerts. 

Product Features 

  • Remote update of Mosaic configuration files  
  • Allows for quick updates to Mosaic Controller media content  
  • Supports scheduled configuration upload allowing automatic updates outside normal operating hours  
  • Automatic reconnection and resume of file upload if remote connection is lost  
  • Retains existing project for automatic restoration if upload is unsuccessful, maintaining system operation  
  • Supports Email confirmation and alerts  
  • Password management  
  • Remote access to Mosaic Controller web interface