HPU is the hybrid processor unit for the Hog 4 family. One HPU unit can act either as a rack-mounted console or as a DMX Processor connected to another Hog 4 family console product, capable of 64 universes of output from a single 2U 19-inch rack mount device. With all the power of a Hog 4 console, the HPU is designed for those applications where permanent hardware front-panel interfaces are not necessary, such as cruise ships, theme parks, and architectural lighting installations. In console mode, the HPU can also act as a backup to any Hog 4 family console.

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HPU combo

Hog-let Loose!

Plug a Hoglet 4 into the HPU, add some touch screen monitors and you have a powerful, stable control system ready to take on any show. HPU is fully expandable using Wings, Widgets, DP8Ks — or even additional HPUs.

Rack ‘em Up

In DMX Processor mode, the HPU packs a punch, expanding any other Hog 4 console product by up to 64 universes of output in a compact, rack-mounted device. Two HPUs = 128 universes, and so on.

HPU product shot

The Ins and Outs

HPU back

So much DMX! With a stunning 64 universes of onboard processing, eight local DMX outputs, two external touchscreen ports, USB and HogNet / FixtureNet ports, HPU is more than happy to run in either console mode or processor mode and crank out universe after universe.

Product Features
  • Robust Hog 4 OS operating system
  • Built-in 8” full color multitouch display
  • Two DisplayPort monitors/touchscreens supported
  • 8 Neutrik XLR-5 DMX outputs
  • sACN and Art-Net
  • Dual connections for HogNet and FixtureNet
  • Keyboard and mouse included
  • Optional port replicator to bring all connections to the front of the equipment rack

System Capacity
  • 32,768 parameters (64 universes in Console mode via local processing, expandable total outputs using DMX processors (DP8K or HPU)
  • 32,768 parameters (64 universes) in Processor mode
  • Solid-state hard drive
  • 7 USB ports for flashdrives, pointing devices, keyboards

  • Command-line interface
  • Programmer window displays selected and adjusted fixtures
  • Lists constructed with +, -, and Thru or selection softkeys, Next, Back and All commands
  • Intensity set with command keypad, full key, intensity palettes
  • Ordered groups
  • Comprehensive fanning using segments and buddying
  • Media picker window
  • HS colour picker window
  • Programmer window
  • Groups for simplified fixture selection
  • Palettes: intensity, position, colour, beam, effects
  • Effects Engine™
  • Pixelmapping Effects
  • Park
  • Undo command
  • Delete, Move and Copy commands
  • Highlight, lowlight and rem dim commands
  • Cue level and parameter level timing
  • Record, Update and Merge commands
  • Knockout and Clear commands
  • Set command for text labels and data entry
Playback Controls
  • Unlimited fader pages
  • Comment macros and keystroke macros
  • Virtual masters
  • Scenes
  • Batch controllers
  • Group masters
  • Triggering via Commands
  • Playback bars
  • Playback expansion via Hoglet 4, Master Wing 4, Playback Wing 4, MiniWing 4
  • OSC input/output
  • MIDI messages, MIDI Show Control, MIDI/LTC timecode via USB MIDI/LTC Widgets

Display Functions
  • User configurable displays with recordable views
  • Dedicated views to access most-used items quickly
  • Palette, list, views, scenes, batches, effects directories
  • Programmer window
  • Plot views
  • Output window
  • Fixture Schedule and Patch windows, sortable by fixture or by Universe
  • Three color schemes for daylight use, regular use or dark environment use

Interfaces And Accessories
  • Local DMX-512 outputs: 8x Neutrik 5-pin XLR
  • Expandable DMX-512 outputs via USB DMX Widgets
  • Local Art-Net and E1.31/sACN outputs: 1x 1GB/s Ethernet port
  • Local HogNet 1GB/s Ethernet port
  • Unlimited DMX-512, Art-Net and E1.31/sACN universes via HogNet-connected DMX processors (DP8K or HPU)
  • MIDI and LTC inputs via USB MIDI/LTC Widgets
  • Connectivity with visualizers via Fixture-Net (Art-Net or E1.31/ sACN, unrestricted by local output capacity)
  • OSC (Open Sound Control) for remote control and integration
  • USB 3.0 ports: 6 rear, 1 front
  • Optional HPU Port Replicator brings the connections to the front of the rack, if so desired.

Electrical and Environmental
  • ETL, CETL and CE compliance
  • Mains power: 100–250 VAC, 50/60 Hz, max 120 W
  • Mains connector: IEC320 C13
  • Fuse: 1x 5x20 mm 5AT fuse
  • Acoustical rating: TBD dbA

HPU dimensions