John Jairo Orduña Sarmiento

Date Posted: 1/14/2021

Tellson James

John Jairo Orduña Sarmiento : Lighting Designer/Programmer: Central American & Caribbean Games Opening & Closing Ceremonies 2018; Chocquibtown; Gusi; Fanny lu and special events
"I have been a Hog user since 2006. Hog 4 has a very intuitive surface. I love to work with MIDI notes, SMPTE, plots and pixelmapping. They are very great tools and practical. The stability and the speed of the desk are also great features. For the Central American & Caribbean Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies in Colombia, we used a single network built on optical fiber, two Hog 4 desks at FOH (one for the main, one for backup), and a slave on the field to set up positions. We had six DP 8000 processors and two Art-Net nodes, and an additional Road Hog 4 for WYSIWYG R40 programming. The backup console was never used as the main console was working wonderfully."