Open Loop CCT Sensor

Open Loop Photo Sensor

Echoflex’s Open Loop CCT Sensor (FLS-41) adds correlated color temperature (CCT) sensing technology to an open loop photo sensor. With combined color temperature and photo sensing capabilities, it enables systems with tunable-white fixtures to create a homogenous light field and a more natural-looking environment – making it an essential part of your human-centric lighting solution.

The FLS-41 is solar-powered and wireless, allowing it to be inconspicuously mounted to any indoor window mullion. It handles light levels up to 65,000 lux/6000 footcandles and has a broad color temperature range. Daylighting and color sensing can be set on the unit itself with a simple button-press process.

Product Features

  • Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) technology for guiding tunable-white fixtures
  • Open loop photo sensor that is powered entirely by the sun
  • 0-65535 lux (0-6090 fc) daylight sensing range
  • Stores energy for continuous 24-hour operation
  • Mounts with adhesive pads in any orientation on the window mullion
  • Simple button-press process for daylighting configuration
  • Available in white, gray, and black