SolaSpot 3000

High End Systems - Legacy Product

The flagship SolaSpot 3000 offers incredible brightness with 37,000+ lumen output, and an unprecedented amount of effect combinations - three gobo wheels for a total of 21 patterns, two animation wheels, two prisms, aerial effects - plus all the extra features designers and programmers have come to expect from Sola Series products. Take awesome and double it - and you have the SolaSpot 3000!

SolaSpot 3000

Designed for large scale performance applications such as sports arenas and stadiums, concert halls, film and television studios, and megachurches, SolaSpot 3000’s intense brightness and extensive gobo pattern selection put the fixture in a class by itself. With a generous zoom range of 7-55°, both light and heavy frost plus graphical and glass textured animation, the luminaire has all the bells and whistles for the designer that does not require framing shutters. Available in Ultra-Bright and High CRI versions, the SolaSpot 3000 is rich in sheer output and creative possibilities.

Product Features

  • White LED Engine
  • 1000 W Ultra-Bright engine producing 37,000 field lumens or High Fidelity Engine with incredibly accurate color rendering
  • CMY / CTO - Linear color mixing system
  • Six + open position replaceable Color Wheel
  • Iris
  • Light and Heavy Frost
  • Two rotating Prisms
  • 7°–55° Zoom
  • Seven position plus open interchangeable Gobo Wheel
  • Two, Seven position plus open Rotating Gobo Wheels
  • Two continuously Variable Animation Wheels
  • TM30 Filter Boosts Ultra-Brite Engine to 85+ CRI
  • Patented Lens Defogger