Occupancy/ Vacancy Sensors

Occupancy/ Vacancy Sensors

Simple, practical energy savings for any venue

Don't waste resources lighting an empty room.  Buildings can waste electricity and rack up large electrical bills as a result of lights being left on in an unoccupied room. ETC's Unison Paradigm® Occupancy/Vacancy Sensors are a convenient and easy solution for your facility to eliminate that wasted energy.

Occupancy/ Vacancy Sensors

Shut the lights off automatically

There's no need to worry about someone forgetting to turn the lights off when leaving a room. The sensors' passive infrared sensor (PIR) registers vacancy, shutting the lights off automatically when a space is not in use. The sensors can also be configured to turn the lights on when someone walks into a room. You cut down on energy costs by ensuring that your lights are on only when an area is being used. The low-profile, sleek sensors can be installed anywhere in your facility to provide uninterrupted, 24/7/365 operation, without affecting the look and beauty of their surroundings.  

Paradigm Occupancy/Vacancy Sensors are configured similar to Unison® Heritage Button Stations, and sit on the LinkConnect bus without additional wires or auxiliary power. The sensors feature microlenses in three different detection patterns.

Occupancy/ Vacancy Sensors

Easy to install

The sensors are available with easy-to-install masks that are able to be field cut, and can prevent trips or false triggers. Unlike other manufacturers' sensors that require you to take the product apart to install a mask, the Paradigm sensors let you depress the microlens dome and slide the mask into place on the outside of the sensor. Because the mask is the same color and made of the same material as the main lens, your venue retains a clean look. The Occupancy/Vacancy Sensors also provide easy access to walk test.

Product Features

  • Passive infrared sensing technology
  • Three versions available 
    • Large room: 1800 sq. ft. coverage, for an 8' ceiling, 3000 sq. ft. coverage, for a 10' ceiling   
    • Small room: 450 sq. ft. coverage, for an 8' ceiling, 800 sq. ft. coverage, for a 10' ceiling   
    • High Ceiling: 300 sq. ft. coverage, for a 10' ceiling, 7000 sq. ft. coverage, for a 40' ceiling 
  • Walk-thru mode for coverage verification  
  • Field-installed coverage masks  
  • Supports manual-on/auto-off (default) and auto-on/off modes  
  • Activate or deactivate any system function  
  • LinkConnect-powered; no AUX required  
  • Each sensor counts as one station  
  • Configurable via LightDesigner  
  • Available in white and black  
  • Can be mounted to any standard electrical box, ceiling or ceiling tile  
  • UL and cUL Listed, CE Marked