ERn Wall-Mount Control Enclosure

ERn Wall-Mount Control Enclosure

The center of your network infrastructure

The Unison ERn Control Enclosure was designed to perform one important task: support all of the capabilities of the Paradigm™ Lighting Control System. ERn is the center of a network infrastructure, with no need for external gear. Power and data over one wire means technical elegance, saving you labor costs, time and space. The optional Ethernet Switch Module for ERn provides five ports for 10/100 networking with four ports supplying 802.13AF-compliant Power over Ethernet, making it the definition of a NetConnect  system. And, like most infrastructure equipment, the ERn series is available in a 19" equipment rack version, designed to blend in with other equipment. 

ERn Wall-Mount Control Enclosure

You're protected

What happens if the power goes out? Peace of mind. ERn's PowerSupport  technology includes RideThru  functionality, powering your processor for at least ten seconds in the event of electrical-grid disruption. This optional power pack is maintenance free and lives inside the enclosure. For further backup during a greater power event, you're covered by the optional BatteryPack. Engineered for easy maintenance, the BatteryPack installs on the bottom of the enclosure and keeps the processor energized for at least 90 minutes. And if that's not enough - you can even specify an optional Redundant Power Supply  to take over without any interruption in service.


The ERn2 is engineered for compactness. At just 15"x 9"x10", ERn2 fits wherever you need it to. No other enclosure is so small. The ERn2 supports one Paradigm processor and one Station Power Module, plus optional Redundant Power Supply or optional five-port Ethernet Switch with four ports of PoE [Power over Ethernet].


Planning on expanding the lighting control system in the future - adding more moving lights, LED displays, building-automation devices, or control stations? Start with the ERn4 enclosure, designed with room to expand. For higher-density control, the ERn4 supports two Paradigm processors and a single Station Power Module for each.  Each Station Power Module supports 63 control stations and up to 1,640 feet (500 meters) in total cable runs. Like the ERn2, the ERn4 offers an optional Redundant Power Supply and an optional 5-port Ethernet switch with four ports of PoE.