Atlas Pro

Mosaic Atlas Pro

Maximum Resolution

Unison Mosaic offers flexible control for your biggest projects. Now those projects can be even more dynamic and inspiring with the astonishing power of Atlas Pro. Mosaic Atlas Pro has the capacity for a monumental 3,000 universes – more than 1.5 million addresses! With the ability to output video to pixels, handle multiple layers, masking layers, effects, and more, Atlas Pro has the power to turn any attraction, building facade, presentation wall, stadium, bridge – or your creative LED work of art – into an eye-popping display.

Mosaic Atlas Pro

Epic Content

Atlas Pro pushes your digital content further with layering and masking. With Atlas Pro, your primary layer can be joined with four additional overlays. Video content and effects can be played using all four layers simultaneously with perfect fading between – all from locally-stored media files or a media server. Onboard masking allows sections of your array to be defined for color and intensity adjustments regardless of the content playing. All layers and masks can be dynamically edited and manipulated in real-time, with effects like mirroring, cloning, and rotation. Atlas Pro includes the same flexible and powerful built-in trigger system found in every Mosaic controller, which includes Ethernet, RS232 Serial, and external inputs to affect your video content.

Massive Control

As a DMX-over-Ethernet controller, Atlas Pro works with a variety of protocols, including streaming ACN (sACN), Art-Net, Philips KiNet, and Pathway Pathport, simultaneously. The rugged, rack-mount controller supports extensive third-party integration and can be monitored remotely using its built-in web interface or Mosaic Manager. Atlas Pro uses an Ethernet connection with Mosaic Designer software running on your PC or Mac for programming and show upload.


Mosaic also supports integration with SixEye, an independent, third-party service that allows users to monitor and control their lighting system over the internet. With Mosaic and SixEye, users can monitor, configure, upload, and fire triggers remotely on all connected Mosaic controllers. Users can also automate events to occur and create custom graphical interfaces that allow customers to easily interact with their systems. To learn more about SixEye, and get your own portal, check out their website

Mosaic Atlas Pro controls the power of the world’s largest LED pixel arrays and turns them into dynamic canvases to showcase your artistic vision.