Foundry Mini Panels

Foundry Mini Panels

Adding power to lighting control

DMX-controlled Unison Foundry™ products are the perfect partners for Unison Paradigm® and Mosaic® systems to create a complete, economical lighting control package. The Foundry Mini Panel takes 20A branch circuit input and provides four or eight switched power control outputs with fully-isolated 0-10V dimming per output.  

The Foundry Mini Panel comes in two versions—a four input/four output or an eight input/eight output model—and each version can be configured in multiple ways. Each Mini Panel can be wired with discrete inputs for each output, just one input split to all outputs, or anything in between.  With the capacity to support combinations of 120V, 277V, normal and emergency circuits in a single Mini Panel, Foundry offers outstanding flexibility in a compact, robust package.  

Responds to your demands

When partnered with the responsive controls of a Unison Paradigm system, Foundry can modulate power use via a Demand Response input to ensure a building meets energy codes. Maximum output per zone is simply contractor-configured right at the Mini Panel.

Foundry Mini Panels are a new addition to ETC’s unparalleled line of emergency lighting controllers. With both a branch circuit sense feed input and a dry contact input for UL924-listed triggering of emergency lighting control bypass, the Mini Panel immediately drives power and 0-10V control on for emergency lights while providing the option for load shedding control to power down normal loads at the same time.

Mini Panel right
Foundry Room Controller
Product Features
  • Available in surface- and flush-mount options
  • Available with 4 or 8 power control outputs
  • Each output is paired with a fully isolated 0-10V control output
  • Demand Response contact closure sets maximum output while active
  • UL924 Listed for Emergency Lighting Control – sense feed circuit or dry contact force on emergency lighting loads and drive 0-10V control to full, while powering down normal loads if load shedding is configured
  • Independent 120V, 277V, emergency, and plug-load control as needed