Echo Light Sensors

Echo Light Sensors

Harness natural light to save energy

The right amount of light. Unison Echo™ Light Sensors help you cut down on wasted energy. When a space is lit by natural light coming in through windows or skylights, it doesn't make sense to have the electric lighting running at full. Light Sensors are able to detect and measure the amount of natural light in an area, and raise or lower the output of lighting fixtures accordingly, to maintain a consistent lighting level. Echo light sensors can manage up to two zones independently, so you need fewer sensors for multi-zone spaces.

Energy savings anywhere. Echo Light Sensors have a single head option for interior, exterior and atrium use. They also support two-sensor averaging, so if you have a large space, you can locate sensors in different locations to light the entire area evenly. The head of the Sensors can be detached and located apart from the controller, allowing you the most flexibility for your venue.

Product Features

  • Single-head option for indoor, outdoor and atrium settings (0-6500 lux)
  • Remote head mounting option
  • Built-in target lux configuration
  • Two-sensor averaging for ideal light levels in a light-changing environment
  • Two-zone daylighting control from a single sensor
  • Available in white or black