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  • Our team has worked with industry experts to create audio learning exercises to help fine-tune your live programming skills.

  • The Billington Files

    Practice your programming skills in real time as you listen to award-winning Lighting Designer Ken Billington direct his lighting team for the production of New York City Center Encores’ Me and My Girl.

    • Download the first show file (ENCORES! Me and My Girl Episode 1 start cue 0 2020-02-29 15-22-14.esf) and open it on your console.
    • Follow along, type in what Ken tells you to do. If you don’t understand the direction for any reason, don’t worry, just skip it. Sometimes the instruction only makes sense if you’re actually there, and sometimes he’s using shorthand with his programmers. Often the programmer chimes in to specify which preset or color palette to use, but if not, don't worry about it, it's not critical to our pretend show.
    • At the end of each episode, save the show file.
    • If you choose to start at an episode other than at the beginning, download the appropriate show file, and go to the cue indicated in the name, which is the last cue in the particular file. (e.g., Billington MMG Episode 5 Cue 56.esf).

    Program Notes:
    • These show files have most programming tools and actual color palettes stripped out, feel free to merge in your own (most programmers bring in some of their own macros, magic sheets, and palettes).
    • The files have been edited to make it easier for one programmer, so if you're typing along, you're playing the parts of both Greg and Chad.
    • When Ken calls for a light to be in a particular color, it's shorthand for color palette so color 54 is color palette 54. Ken brings an extensive and thorough knowledge of color system to speed his process (and no, we aren't including his real color palettes in the show!).
    • The shortcut to Intensity Block a cue is "Cue X Shift+Block Enter.”
    • If Ken asks to "clean it up,” it's lighting patois for cleaning up partial blocks. The age-old method of "Block Enter Block Enter" still works, but there is also a soft key, "Autoblock Clean."
    • This was programmed on an Eos Ti, but any Eos family console works for the exercise.


    Me and My Girl Production Credits

    Many thanks to the designers and crew both featured on the recordings as well as behind the scenes.

    Lighting Designer: Ken Billington
    Associate Lighting Designer: Aaron Porter
    Moving Light Programmer: Chad Lefebvre
    Conventional Programmer: Greg Chabay
    Production Stage Manager: Nancy Pittelman
    Assistant Stage Manager: Caskey Hunsader
    Assistant Stage Manager: Cody Renard Richard
    Director of Production: Mark Mongold
    Master Electrician: Evan Vorono
    Audio Engineer: Augie Propersi


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