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    fos/4 and Source Four LED Series 3 give filmmakers the brightness they need, the color they crave, and the control they deserve.

    Deep Red

    Deep red

    With the revolutionary addition of deep red LED emitters, fos/4 and Series 3 offer exceptionally nuanced color for the camera. The technologically advanced color mix allows filmmakers to produce colors at the far edge of the visual spectrum, enhancing skin tones, sunsets, firelight, and so much more. And users don’t have to compromise on brightness. With fos/4 and Series 3, you get both impressive brightness and unprecedented color.

    Intuitive UI

    Intuitive UI

    The user interface on the back of both fos/4 and Series 3 was designed with the cinematic workflow in mind. Quickly adjust settings right from the fixture, including color, brightness, and built-in effects. Four backlit encoders change colors to correspond to the attributes being controlled on the screen. The Tune functionality makes setup easier for gaffers and DPs by offering modes for brightest output or best spectral mix.

    Wireless technology

    Wireless technology

    For quick setup and changes on set, fos/4 and Series 3 make the most of today’s wireless technology. Near Field Communication (NFC) enables users to push and pull fixture information from a mobile device. These studio fixtures are also compatible with City Theatrical’s Multiverse® wireless DMX control, opening a world of possibilities for scaling up wireless lighting data like never before.

  • fos/4 Panel
    fos/4 Panel
    Delivering exceptional color and brightness in 3 sizes and 2 arrays

  • fos/4 Fresnel
    fos/4 Fresnel
    Classic Fresnel lighting with the benefits of modern LED technology

  • Source Four LED Series 3
    Source Four LED Series 3
    An industry icon re-imagined with advanced brightness and features

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