LDI Rigging Preview

  • The following rigging products were shown at LDI 2016.

    2017 product release dates are pending for all.


    Foundation Server System

    The Foundation Server System offloads the management of hoist communication and safety management onto a centralized control system. This enables the expansion of hardware control options for any ETC rigging system.

    • There are three components to a Foundation Server System: Foundation Server, Foundation Safety Node, Foundation MCX
    • Runs the same software as Foundation with additional code to handle server configurations
    • Scalable equipment list: up to two Foundation controllers (multiple plug-in points), two Foundation Handheld Remotes (multiple plug-in points), two Foundation Clients (PC-based RVI), twelve (or more) external E-stops, and 192 hoists
    • Only one controller can be active at any given time. This is the same as the standard Foundation when used with a Foundation Handheld Remote.
    • Individually identifiable SIL-3 E-stops.

    Foundation Desk

    Foundation Desk

    The Foundation Desk takes the best features of a Foundation Controller and puts them in a portable form factor.

    • Same 17” adjustable angle HD touch screen and joystick
    • Improved GO buttons for more comfortable operation
    • Recessed E-stop button
    • 50’ standard umbilical with plug-in station
    • Compatible with all ETC Rigging hoists and accessories except Foundation wall mount swing arm and rack mount kits
    • Adjustable height rolling table available



    The Prodigy Protégé Inherits the core Prodigy P1 performance specs: 50 feet of travel, eight 3/16” lift lines, load cell, slack line detection, compression tube, loft blocks – but adds a few new features…

    • Uses a self-locking worm gearbox (eliminating the need for a secondary load-side brake)
    • 650lbs lifting capacity
    • Can be configured to use ETC’s Compression Tube technology, or traditional rigging styles   
    • Mounts in any orientation (compression tube limitations notwithstanding)
    • Can be mounted using the standard Prodigy P1 beam clamp
    • Has a single-use over speed brake in the gearbox
    • Weighs 280lbs (without the compression tube)
    • 13.5” wide, 15.5” high (not including beam clamp options), 45” long
    • 4 rotary limits (upper, upper overtravel, lower and lower overtravel
    • Incremental encoder for accurate repeatable positioning



    Prodigy P75-SC

    The P75-SC is a standard P75 hoist wrapped in a self-climbing Tomcat Truss.

    • Based on the P75-3300GS hoist design, but with a 20.5”x20.5”x120” medium duty Tomcat truss chassis
      • Up to eight ¼” wire rope lift lines routed out both ends of the hoist
      • 75’ of travel
      • Load cells, slack line detection, incremental positioning encoder
    • 10’ hoist module weighs 1,000lbs, leaving 2,300lbs worth of lifting capacity (minus additional truss, electrical cable, attached loads, etc.)