CUE 2022

  • CUE 2022 

    This 24-hour, virtual, global event brings you classes and discussion sessions on the products and topics impacting the entertainment industry today. 

    CUE is for you if… 

    • You are interested in a career backstage, as a programmer, or on a design team 

    • You are an educator to the live events industry 

    • You love the technology of stage productions or live events 

    • You’re interested in the future of the entertainment industry as a whole 

    CUE 2022 


    Each session will be presented in a short Ted Talk style – or, as we like to call them, Fred Talks! Industry experts, insightful discussions, thought-provoking content, short and sweet. 

    We’ll be giving away ETC gear throughout the day to session attendees. Come back on the 17th and click the Zoom links below to join us live for your chance to win!  

    11:00 Back to Front: Time to Upgrade Fred Talk by Jim Uphoff
    So you have decided to begin upgrading your lighting system to LEDs but don’t have the budget to swap the whole theater. Now what? Where do you begin? This class will discuss the different lighting systems in your theater and the pros and cons to upgrading each to help you decide where to get the biggest impact. 
    Available in English in the Attendee Hub 

    12:00 The Balance of Power Fred Talk by Rory Frasier-Mackenzie
    Moving to LED isn’t just about buying new fixtures. This session looks at the things to consider when plugging in your new LED fixtures, and why thinking about your power control infrastructure now could just help to save your show.  Discussion groups to follow. 
    Available in English, and Mandarin   
    zoom link: 
    password: C7oqoRR0!d

    13:00 Networking: Discover and Develop Fred Talk by David Ayton
    Are you seeing and hearing more and more about networking but feeling lost or don’t know where to start? Not sure what’s in it for you? We’ll discuss how to start small and add to your network maximizing on the benefits of a connected system.
    Available in English in the Attendee Hub  

    14:00 Generations of Color Fred Talk by David Hilton
    Moving to LED fixtures is a big decision, and one we feel should be a long-term investment. “Color Integrity” is a core system of technologies we’ve developed to ensure the color and quality you get out of the box on day one is the same color and quality you get years later. This session lifts the hood on some of those unique technologies and the value they add to your investment.
    Available in English in the Attendee Hub, and Korean  

    15:00 Sneak into Augmented Fred Talk by Luke Delwiche
    Eos Augment3d is a powerful tool - but can you even start using it without first becoming a 3D genius? You can! This class dispels five Augment3d myths and helps to get you started on your journey.
    Available in English, Mandarin, and Korean  
    zoom link:
    password: !5ay0w-RiB

    16:00 Metamers Matter Fred Talk by Declan Randall
    As LED technology improves, and as we start to see more and more spaces starting to embrace this technology, it is more important than ever to fully understand how additive color mixing fixtures work and how to use the power of this technology to your best advantage. We will explore the world of metamers and color control as we challenge the way you think about color.
    zoom link:
    password:  aiTb2_-VSa 

    Who was Fred?  

    Fred Foster 1957-2019

    Fred Foster was co-founder and original CEO of ETC. He strongly believed in educating future generations of the entertainment and live events industry. ETC continues to push education to ensure that our industry thrives through creativity, collaboration, and innovation.  

    We are successful because we have the best people.” - Fred Foster 

    Additional sessions and resources are available in the Attendee Hub. The Attendee Hub may not be accessible in all geographical regions

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