Becoming an Authorized Service Provider

  • ETC Authorized Service Providers are a group of talented technicians and engineers who install and service ETC systems. As an extension of ETC, they are held to ETC’s high standards for proficiency and customer service.

    Employees or contractors of an ETC Dealership, ETC Representative agency, or other authorized ETC partner can apply to join ETC’s Authorized Service Provider training program.

    The learning plan will build on your current skills and provide supporting documentation to prepare you to commission systems and support ETC customers. To enroll in the learning plan:

    1. Sign in to your LearningStage account.

      Learning Stage Home Page

    2. Select the Becoming an Authorized Service Provider learning plan from the full course catalog. Enroll in the plan and start studying!

    Can’t find the learning plan? It’s possible you don’t have the correct access level. To get the correct permission set, please contact In your email, let them know what dealership, rep, or ETC partner you work with and that you would like to update your ETC One account.

    Don’t have an ETC One account yet? Create one here.

    If you have any questions about the process of becoming an Authorized Service Provider, please contact us.