The hunt for great lighting: ETC Source Four Mini fixtures illuminate Australian art exhibit

Date Posted: 7/16/2014

ETC Source Four® Mini fixtures

ETC Source Four Mini fixtures were designed with museums in mind. They pack the lighting punch of the Source Four family into a nine-inch fixture that discretely lights works of art without detracting from the beauty of the pieces. Recently, they were used on a unique Australian exhibit, #THEARTHUNTER.

#THEARTHUNTER was an 'offline' temporary art-gallery experience from The Cool Hunter website, created and produced by brand-management company The Artistry. It was a collaboration with Jaguar to launch the brand's first AWD concept car, the stunning C-X17.

Rental house and production company Showtime Productions was called upon to design and install the gallery lighting. They chose to purchase thirty-six ETC Source Four Mini fixtures for the project. "Aesthetically, the client wanted everything to look very neat, and minimize anything that could be obstructive," comments Arian Yeganeh, production manager at Showtime. "It's a compact fixture that's bright enough for this type of application. For a 50-watt fixture, they're pretty amazing."

Australian art exhibit

Following #THEARTHUNTER project, Yeganeh reports that he has used Source Four Mini fixtures on three consecutive shows, as they are so versatile. "They're like a normal downlight but with far superior optics and framing so that you can cut out whatever you need to cut out," he explains. "In fact, ever since we got our Source Four Mini fixtures, they haven't been back to the warehouse, instead going from job to job."

The ETC Source Four Mini comes in four field angles: 19°, 26°, 36° and 50°, with a 2.5-inch diameter lens, and is available in three mounting options. ETC also offers a low-voltage (12-volt), tungsten Source Four Mini and a Source Four Mini LED.