The GDS by ETC ArcSystem family expands with new LED options

Date Posted: 5/8/2018

ArcSystem, the family of smooth-dimming LED auditorium and architectural luminaires from GDS by ETC, just got a power-up. Visitors to ETC’s booth at the Lightfair International conference in Chicago were greeted with Fade to Warm capability across the line, two new ArcSystem luminaires, as well as the announcement of new color temperatures, voltage and control options. Whether you’re looking for LED lighting that’s brighter, warmer, cooler, smaller, or more versatile, the new upgrades have something for you.

Go LED inconspicuously with ArcSystem Fade to Warm
The Fade to Warm (FTW) option, first implemented in the ArcLamp, is now available across the ArcSystem product line. ArcSystem FTW luminaires mimic the red-shifts and smooth fades of incandescent lamps so beautifully that your visitors will never know that the lights above them are modern LEDs.

ArcLamp Fade to Warm

New single-cell luminaires
ArcSystem Pro One-Cell recessed luminaires are designed to make retrofits and installation easy, with convenient, wireless control options and drivers that can be installed from below through the ceiling cutout. Now, two new luminaires and a new driver have been added to the line. The Pro One-Cell Small luminaire satisfies customers who want a more compact recessed unit, with a ceiling cutout radius of 3.74 inches (compared to the 6.69-inch cutout radius of the standard Pro One-Cell). The Pro One-Cell Micro goes one step smaller; with a size that’s comparable to an MR-16 lamp and a compact, two-channel D2 Driver sized to fit through a smaller ceiling cutout.

Expanded voltage, control and color temperature options
All ArcSystem luminaires boast multi-ranging power supplies, accepting voltages from 100V to 240V. Now, with the addition of a 277V option, ArcSystem boasts an expanded range that makes it ideal for permanent installations in convention centers and other commercial venues.

New ArcSystem Pro One-Cell sizes

Control of ArcSystem luminaires has also gained a new level of flexibility; in addition to the standard, ArcMesh wireless control option, all ArcSystem luminaires may now be purchased in wired-DMX-controlled versions, complete with RDM capability. This provides additional installation options for venues that prefer a wired data connection or wish to reconfigure their system without the use of an ArcMesh turn-on technician.

Finally ArcSystem luminaires now come in a wider range of color temperatures. Customers may specify 2700K, 3000K for Pro One-Cell Micro luminaires and 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K or 5000K for all other ArcSystem luminaires.

GDS by ETC products are only available in North American and Latin American markets. For information about GDS products in other regions, please visit