Taiwanese broadcast and theater professionals impressed by ETC presentation

Date Posted: 12/4/2013

On October 31st, more than 80 broadcast and theater professionals from cities throughout Taiwan got a special demonstration of ETC's latest innovations - including Eos Ti™ , Source Four LED CYC™ , Selador Desire D22™ and Source Four Mini™ - when ETC teamed up with its official dealer Ming-Li and trainer SMI to hold a product seminar.

Lam Siu Lung, Regional Sales Manager of ETC Asia, who led the session, first gave an overview of the new flagship Eos Ti lighting desk and the latest Eos® software. Eos Ti features powerful hardware and stunning, high-resolution, multi-touch screens with substantial surface to simplify the programming process. Eos 2.0 software introduces new functionality to Eos-family consoles, including the popular Magic Sheet function, which lets users set up customized, interactive live/blind displays.

Lam then presented the Source Four LED CYC, which affixes to any Source Four LED™ luminaire to transform it into a powerful tool to illuminate cycloramas; and the Desire D22 LED luminaire, which at just eight inches long and weighing less than seven pounds, brings efficiency and x7 color to the smallest spaces.

The Source Four Mini was also on display at the seminar and was adored by the attendees because of its sleek look and compact size. Its ease of use, superior optics, crystal-clear image projection and bright, even field make it perfect for small-scale installations where full-sized Source Four® fixtures can't go.

Anthony Wu, General Manager of Ming-Li, then talked about networking for broadcast installations. Wu explained that the Net3™ protocol is the backbone of an ETC system, offering reliable monitoring, communication and cohesive interoperation of devices in a system.

Billy Su, Sales Manager of SMI, gave a talk on ETC's Sensor3™ Power Control System towards the end of the seminar, explaining how the introduction of new lighting sources into mixed-media rigs has changed the power infrastructure. Sensor3 easily handles new fixture loads and prepares systems for future technology. Su discussed the high performance of CEM3 (Control Electronics Module) , as well as the 3-in-1 ThruPower Module .

David Law, Sales Manager of ETC Asia, says: "The event was very successful, with all major television professionals in Taiwan attending. The speakers shared the latest product information, as well as insights for future system design concepts that integrate LEDs and network solutions." Wu said that the workshop provided a great opportunity for the participants to better understand ETC's new products and the features of lighting control systems, and Su agreed, saying this workshop helped Taiwanese users get more familiar with ETC and its power control.