Swiss Paraplegic Center Shines With Lighting Technology from ETC

Date Posted: 4/9/2024

The Swiss Paraplegic Center (SPC) in Nottwil, Switzerland is the world's premiere facility for patients with spinal cord, back, and ventilation needs. The facility, one of the most advanced specialist clinics in Europe, boasts nearly 1,600 employees and a peaceful locale on the idyllic Lake Sempach. It can now also boast of new architectural luminaires and controls from ETC.

Fynn Bolliger, operational electrician at the SPC, was responsible for project planning, design, and installation. He knew the new system needed to meet SPC’s exacting standards. Beyond providing first-class medical care, the SPC sets the highest standards for its infrastructure and technical facilities. Multiple auditoriums, a lecture hall, and more help to make a patient’s stay at the SPC as pleasant as possible. In collaboration with media integrator B+T Bild+Ton AG and electrical company RSK Elektro, Bolliger installed electrical equipment, new emergency lighting, and a new DMX network.

The project’s primary goal was to replace the existing lighting, based around conventional halogen technology, with efficient LED lighting systems. “We were looking for one company that could meet all of our needs for luminaires and controls. We found that with ETC," says Bolliger.

With the ArcSystems Pro Four-Cell series, ETC offers a line of LED luminaires characterized by high light quality, easy installation, uniform dimming, and a wide range of housing types. In SPC’s atrium, 50 ArcSystem Pro Four-Cell Round with a color temperature of 4000 K and the Fade-To-Warm option are now used, while under the balcony, Bolliger installed 16 ArcSystem Navis downlights on four wall drivers.

In the second auditorium, 35 ArcSystem Four Cell Round now ensure flawless lighting quality. "The infinitely capable dimming power, the fade-to-warm feature and the ability to control each cell in each headlamp individually were completely convincing," says Bolliger, adding: "there are optimal warranty periods, too: ten years for the LED array, five years for the entire luminaire." The auditoriums are now equipped to beautifully light any variety of performance or presentation "with much lower power consumption and twice the light output," says Bolliger.

Front lighting in the auditorium is provided by four Source Four LED Series 3 Lustr X8 profile spotlights with 15-30 degree zoom lens tubes, four Source Four LED engines with Fresnel adapters, and High-End Systems SolaFrame Theatre automated lights. ColorSource PAR Deep Blue provides stage backlighting, while Irideon and other Source Four LED spotlights with zoom and Fresnel adatpters provide image lighting. "The Source Four LED Series 3 is the optimal front lighting," says Bolliger, describing it as "an uncompromising lighting system that can perfectly realize any desired color temperature." For quiet concerts and readings, however, you can't miss the 15,000-lumen SolaFrame Theatre. "It offers silent operation, which is exactly what we wanted," explains Bolliger.

The SPC was also equipped with control consoles, including a Gio @5 console, an Eos Programming Wing with ETC Nomad and an Ion Xe RPU for the auditorium, two Irideon WLZ luminaires with barndoors, and control racks equipped with ETC gateways. The set-up is well-suited for the SPC: "We’re very satisfied with the result. The new system gives us many more options, and the simplicity of the system makes our employees' work much easier," says Daniel Hauri, Head of Technology and Security at the SPC. For Bolliger, ETC's products offer "optimal solutions" for large installations with many different requirements such as his. Not to mention ETC’s famous service quality: "The support department at ETC is simply great," he says. "The fast response time and their enormous expertise helps to solve any problem quickly."