Source Four LED CYC™ gaining attention in the UK

Date Posted: 12/12/2013

ETC dealer Black Light - the first company in the UK to have the Source Four LED CYC in its rental stock - has been busy championing the groundbreaking adapter. Black Light recently hosted a demo day to highlight the CYC's strengths, and has also lent out a number of the units for their first-ever use at a live event in Scotland.

The CYC demo day was held at King's Theatre in Edinburgh on November 14th, when key lighting designers and theater technicians from across Scotland came to get a look at 18 CYC adapters in a full theater setup. "It was fantastic to see these unique units in action and to give our friends in the industry the chance to get their hands on them and see just how well they work in a full-sized theater environment," says Black Light's head of marketing, Barclay Dakers.

Demo day attendees also enjoyed a 'shootout' between traditional tungsten Source Four® fixtures and Source Four LED™ Studio HD luminaires. "I can safely say that the shootout has put to bed the long-running debate as to whether LEDs could compete with traditional tungsten lights," explains Dakers. "People were amazed at the performance and flexibility of the ETC units."

The same week as the demo day, Black Light also provided Source Four LED luminaires with attached CYC adapters to the party announcing the entertainment scheduled for Edinburgh's 2013/2014 Hogmanay Celebrations, a New Year's festival attended by thousands. It was the first-ever use of the ETC CYC units in Scotland.

"These two events have shown that the Source Four LED CYC is capable of exceptional performance," says Dakers. "It creates the boldest hues and adds drama to any cyclorama. What's more, it's incredibly flexible, its color can be fine-tuned, and it simply attaches to any ETC Source Four LED luminaire and is ready to go. It's an astounding piece of kit and a perfect addition to our existing ETC LED stock."