See ETC and HES products at Prolight + Sound NAMM Russia 2017

Date Posted: 9/6/2017

ColorSource Family

Attendees to this year’s Prolight + Sound NAMM Russia tradeshow, September 14th through 16th, at the Sokolniki Convention Center in Moscow, will be able to see the latest ETC products in action on the booth of official ETC dealer DOKA Center. DOKA’s stand will also have information about a special contest for young lighting designers, which is being hosted by DOKA and sponsored by ETC. Visitors to the tradeshow will also be able to experience the latest High End Systems (HES) gear on the stand of SiM, HES’s exclusive dealer in Russia and ETC’s marketing partner.

DOKA, stand B9.1, pavilion 4

In order to highlight the lighting possibilities available to smaller and budget-limited venues, DOKA’s stand at the Prolight + Sound NAMM Russia show will display products from ETC’s ColorSource family in situ. Visitors will feel like they’re walking into a lecture hall equipped with a full lighting system that consists of ColorSource fixtures, consoles and power controls. 

ColorSource Spot, PAR, and Linear LED luminaires have color capabilities that go well beyond that of other four-color LEDs. Their unique RGB-Lime emitter mix creates natural-looking, performance-ready light. 

The portable ColorSource and ColorSource AV lighting-control desks are available in two sizes with up to 40 or 80 total dimmers, LEDs and moving lights, with optional audiovisual capability. With just a flick of a fader, programmers can run effects, mix LED colors, control moving lights, and play back cues. 

For difficult-to-reach lighting positions, the ColorSource Relay allows for data distribution, DMX transmission and power-switching, all in one wireless device with minimal setup and no programming. And each circuit in a venue can feed directly into the 230V ColorSource ThruPower panel’s wiring, and outputs can easily be switched between dimmer and relay operation as needed.

DOKA lighting designer competition

DOKA lighting design contest

DOKA is hosting a first-of-its-kind lighting competition in Russia, to boost the careers of young designers. Always dedicated to the advancement of young talent, ETC is sponsoring the contest. Lighting designers under the age of 30 have the opportunity to win valuable prizes – such as trips abroad to lighting manufacturers’ factories and ETC’s new Ion Xe 20 console – for the designs they’ve created for theatrical productions, concerts, and music shows. DOKA’s stand at the Prolight + Sound NAMM Russia tradeshow will have more information about the contest, its rules, and how to enter.

Full Boar 4 console

SiM, stand B5.2, pavilion 4

SiM has been the exclusive distributor for HES equipment in Russia for many years. The acquisition of HES by ETC in April 2017 created new possibilities for joint marketing efforts between SiM and ETC, and the Prolight + Sound NAMM Russia tradeshow will be the first event where this new partnership is on display. Tradeshow attendees will be able to get demonstrations on the entire HES range, including media servers and Hog4-series consoles on SiM’s stand.