Samil Church in Korea Upgrade with ETC Source 4WRD II

Date Posted: 9/22/2021

ETC partners with C&C Lightway, a dealer for the Korean market, on a recent fixture upgrade project for the Samil Church in Korea. 50 Source Four fixtures were retrofitted with Source 4WRD II in the main worship hall.

Samil Church is in Yongsan-gu, Seoul and seats 1200. The church’s auditorium is packed with a busy schedule of worship services and other religious activities for both local and international congregations. Source Four fixtures had previously been installed at the upper deck of the hall and in front of the stage to light speakers, providing both brilliant front light and wash light. The existing fixtures had been used for years and it was time for an upgrade.

Considering the architectural structure of the church, the system designer Jung Hoon Kim was looking for a white-light LED fixture that is easy to install and maintain. At the same time, Kim wanted a more sustainable and economical way of lighting. After consulting with C&C Lightway, it was determined that Source 4WRD II was the perfect answer.

Source 4WRD II is an energy-saving retrofit for a traditional Source Four light engine that transforms the HPL source into a white-light LED. Its LED light source has an L70 rating of 45,000 hours with only 175 watts of power consumed per fixture in an hour, while Source Four consumes 750 watts of electricity. “It’s an energy-saving and a cost-effective solution. I feel like the brightness is twice that of using the existing fixtures while consuming almost 70% less power,” commented Kim.

“It’s sustainable as well. We reduce our carbon footprint by upcycling the existing fixtures. LED has a longer lifespan which doesn’t require frequent replacement. And it’s 77% cooler than surface of a tungsten, thus reducing the use of a/c,” added by Kim.

The church is satisfied with the Source 4WRD II upgrade that maintains the brightness and calming color temperature of the original Source Four fixtures. The upgrade is a good reference for other local worship centers if they are looking for a similar lighting system.

See the new lighting in this recording of a worship service in Summer 2021:

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Photo credit: Samil Church and C&C Lightway