New Shanghai Symphony Hall in perfect harmony with an ETC lighting system

Date Posted: 1/22/2015

Shanghai Symphony Hall

Shanghai Symphony Orchestra now has a new home in the Shanghai Symphony Hall, which celebrated its long-awaited grand opening in September. The Hall has a full complement of ETC equipment, including a Sensor®3 Power Control system with ThruPower modules , Source Four® PAR fixtures , and an Eos®-family lighting control system.

The venue contains two separate performance spaces: the Main Hall with 1,200 seats, which serves as a performance and rehearsal space, and the 400-seat Chamber Hall, which is used for recording and broadcasting. 

Shanghai Symphony Hall

ETC Sensor3 power-control racks dim both halls' stage lighting. "You can always expect a smooth and natural dimming curve from ETC dimmer racks. They deliver maximum reliability with a minimal failure rate compared to most brands on the market. Lighting designers can just concentrate on their art and performance without worrying about equipment issues," says Xingxing Dou, the lighting director at the Shanghai Symphony Hall. 

Sensor3 ThruPower modules can control a variety of loads all from one unit, transitioning output freely, from constant, dim or relay, without having to change modules manually. It makes power control easy for a hybrid lighting rig, like the one in the Shanghai Symphony Hall. "We love this design!  Not only does it greatly improve the venue's lighting flexibility, but also provides more room for lighting creativity and enriches the stage performance," Dou comments. "Our lighting has impressed many touring groups who perform at the venue." 

Shanghai Symphony Hall

There are 100 Source Four PAR MCM fixtures used in the Hall. Their delicate lighting complements the interior design, immersing both the musicians and audience into the experience. "The Source Four PARs' color temperature perfectly matches the tone of the interior," says Dou. "They look like interior lighting, but are flexible for any lighting application. Orchestra lighting is very different from other stage lighting, because the fixtures must be noise free, and that is why the Source Four PAR is part of our rig. Unlike other theatrical lights, their soft light creates a soothing performance environment."  

Controlling the lighting fixtures are Ion® and Element® consoles. "Our resident operators simply use the control desks for dimming most of the time, but international troupes often need more advanced lighting control. Ion and Element provide what we need," explains Dou. "And I like their touchscreens that make programming easier." 

Shanghai Symphony Hall

Photos courtesy of Shanghai Symphony Orchestra