LG Arts Center SEOUL put the world-class performance in the spotlight with ETC’s Lighting

Date Posted: 12/15/2022

The LG Arts Center SEOUL is a new contemporary performing arts venue which was recently relocated to Gangseo-gu in South Korea. London-based consultancy Theatre Projects specified the complete technical package, including ETC’s signature Eos Apex console, Source Four LED Series 3 fixtures, Paradigm control, BluesSystem, and Sensor3 power control.

The team at Theatre Projects look at the strategic planning and venue design of what makes a performance space great. They worked on the technical installations for the new landmark and selected an ETC lighting system for the arts center which was created by world-famous Japanese architect Tadao Ando.

ETC dealer, C&C Lightway also worked closely with the LG Arts Center to develop the design, then supply, install and commission the ETC products. Two Eos Apex 10 consoles were integrated with 24K outputs and an Eos Apex Processor for the LG Signature Hall – these were set as the main and back-up control system for the performance. “Eos Apex is perfect as a full control system; it is powerful and reliable, enabling my team to work confidently for every show,” commented the lighting director of LG Arts Center SEOUL.

Ten sets of Source Four LED Series 3 fixtures were also installed in the front of house lighting position at the Center. “We paired XDLT lens tubes with the Series 3 fixtures – they are perfect for lighting up the stage in our large performance hall from the furthest distances!” adds the lighting director of LG Arts Center SEOUL. The fixtures’ Lustr X8 array, sharp gobo projection and reduced light leak also impressed the team at the Center.

The new technical package not only showcases high-quality lighting at the front of the stage but also backstage. TP (Theatre Projects) recommended ETC’s BluesSystem for the darker areas in the halls backstage. The dimmable blue running lights are an award-winning line of low-voltage LEDs that provide discreet illumination during live productions. Irideon fixtures with Zoom lens and framing shutter features were also installed in the technical gallery of the stage area, the follow-spot room, and control room.

In addition to upgrading the general lighting fixtures, the LG Arts Center was also looking for a comprehensive control system that would manage the house lighting in the audience seating area. TP and C&C Lightway recommended ETC’s Paradigm architectural system for its powerful and flexible control, with 7” touchscreen stations installed on the sides of the stage. The technical team at the center were then able to set “preset modes” with different combinations of fixtures to alter the lighting and enhance the audience’s experience.

ETC’s Sensor3 power control system was also selected and paired with a ThruPower module to power production lighting in the Center. It offers effective power control solutions for all types of fixtures including conventional Source Fours, LED luminaires and automated fixtures. All products are also connected in a single ethernet network with the use of ETC’s Response Mk2 DMX Gateways and the Response Opto-Splitters. This enables seamless and reliable communication when managing all the equipment from an integrated data distribution network.

Senior Consultant at Theatre Projects, Nick Broad comments: “It is very rewarding to see the inauguration of a new venue such as the LG Arts Center after more than six years of designing, specifying and consulting. The co-operation between TP, ETC and C&C Lightway has resulted in an extraordinary cultural hub for locals and tourists alike.”

The LG Arts Center SEOUL is operated by the LG Yonam Cultural Foundation with financial support from the LG Group. The Center is a pioneer in promoting art and culture by presenting world-class performances, ranging from classical and traditional music to popular music, ballet, musicals, and plays.

Photo credit: LG Arts Center SEOUL and C&C Lightway